The Center for African American Health offers African American and Black Metro Denver communities culturally responsive resources that support them in overcoming the root causes of health problems so they can maximize their individual and family health.

As a Family Resource Center, The Center helps individuals and families overcome social, economic, and educational challenges and helps parents gain access to the skills, resources, and knowledge they need to provide a solid foundation for their children and families to thrive.

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The Center for African American Health is committed to improving the health and well-being of the African American community by offering community-based, evidenced-based, disease prevention and disease management programs, events, and services.


An African American community healthy in mind, body, and spirit; filled with individuals taking responsibility for their own health and contributing to the enrichment of the community.


The rich legacy of the Black church in the African American experience inspires our work. We believe that the church continues to be the heartbeat within the African-American community for citizen engagement, leadership development, and enabling self-sufficiency.

Geographic Focus

The targeted geographic area served by The Center for African American Health is the greater metropolitan Denver area, which has a population of 3.1 million people. Approximately 5% of the region’s total population is African American. More than half of those African Americans live in the city and county of Denver (population 704,000), where African Americans account for 10% of the population.