A graduate of Eastern Univerity with a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in French from the Sorbonne, Imani Barbarin writes from the perspective of a black woman with Cerebral Palsy. She specializes in blogging, science fiction and memoir. Ironically, she did not like the idea of writing this mini-bio.


  1. Hey Imani – I’m glad I found your site. You’re a strong and wise person. If only I could be half as bold and unapologetic as you…it’s a work in progress…always. Cheers from Canada.

  2. Just found this site, as a mental health therapist with CP I love it. So positive, but not sappy so real and down to earth… Makes my heart happy

  3. Wow…just found your website through twitter via #patientsarenotfaking. As an RN in the state of CA and as an older sister of a sibling with Cerebral Palsy I can only apologize if you and others were not heard in the medical community. Absolutely love your website! You are an inspiration to others. Best of luck in all your adventures and continue the fight to educate others…it’s the only way ignorance will end.

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