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by Edison Konan

You may know this already, 7.7 million youth in America alone will suffer from a mental health disorder this year! Over 11% of these cases will lead to suicide.

Coming from west Africa my family and I never understood the importance of mental health. 

by Adam Joel

What if your mental health came to life as shifts in the weather?

That’s the plot of my short film Under the Weather.

I made this film because I loved someone with undiagnosed depression, and we never really talked about it. Dark days came and went like weather patterns. When I tried to “cheer her up,” it was like sunlight burning her eyes. When she tried to push me away, it was like a windstorm blasting me out the door. 

by Frederic Terral, Founder of Pockitudes

For years, I struggled with depression, anxiety, and a critical inner voice. From an early age, I remember feeling anxious and unhappy. The smallest challenges, mishaps, or failures put me in a downward spiral of shame and self-deprecation. My entrenched inner critic never focused on the things I did right, and only served as a daily reminder of all the things I did wrong. It trained me to become a victim and a negative thinker. I never imagined this would change. 

by Stacy Pierce

Work It Towels is a San Diego, CA mother and son premium fitness towel business created to inspire every body to move. Our gym towels are incredibly soft, absorbent and motivational. We strongly believe exercise plays a significant role in maintaining positive mental health. And as such, we are donating 20% of sales from our newest collection to support ADAA's mission.

by Jasmin Correa

Crooked Parallel Lines" based on my own struggles with OCD. I personally struggle with colors especially green and red, I see green as good luck and red as bad luck. I end up spending a lot of time avoiding red and constantly touching green things. In addition to that I also had problems with numbers and organization. It was all due to stress and anxiety.

by Elina Radushinsky

I grew up with a bit of anxiety, yet I was never fully quite aware that anxiety is what I was dealing with. It was always something the led me to second guess a decision or look negatively at all that encompassed me as a person. Yet it was just a voice that I believed everyone had to deal with from time to time. 

by Leo Nima

by Trevor Hill

by Briana Stanley

by Albert Dabah

Extra Innings, a family drama 20 years in the making that I wrote, produced, directed, and acted in, based on my own life. Extra Innings tells the story of David Sabah, who pursues his dream of playing baseball while staying devoted to his Syrian Jewish family. However, a tragic loss makes reconciling the two worlds almost impossible.

by Adrian Sutherland

by Alexander Lubinsky

“I’m Fine” follows an unemployed college-grad as he battles his depression alone, sending him down a dark path. The idea for this film came to me from my own experiences struggling with depression. Beginning in my high school years, I found myself having difficulty finding any joy in life.

by Shane Gann

The thought spurred me to action, the first song fully written as soon as I picked up my guitar. After came an onslaught of ideas, and within a span of a few hours, I had a full song, parts for others, and the two basic concepts:

by Maritza Navarro

I’ve been struggling with panic disorder for 16 years. I still work every day to tame my incessant worry and paralyzing fears. I created Hyper-Ventilate, an immersive performance, to encourage people to air out their experiences with anxiety and hopefully transform the audience’s understanding of mental health. 

by Brady Altland

At AMG, we strive for excellence from our organization, our artists and our team in not just the work that we do in the music industry, but in our work in the community as well. When planning our spring concert/tour schedule, CEO and founder, Brady Altland, decided he wanted to plan a charity event or concert to give back to the community.