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    The Interview: Tracy Johnson

    This mom of three has a heart for helping students and cherishing every moment with her kids.

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  • The (Remote) Interview: Margaret Campe

    The new director of the Jean Nidetch Women’s Center focuses on providing victims of domestic and sexual violence a path toward healing and resilience.

  • A New Playing Field for Students in Health Care

    Summer '20 Nursing grad navigates hybrid classes, COVID-19 cases to enter workforce at a unique time.

  • Home Sweet Home

    Theatre and hospitality major Darian Fluker shares the value of getting an education in our iconic city.

UNLV Today Announcements


Starr Hoffman and Samantha Godbey (both Libraries) recently published "US Academic Libraries' Staffing and Expenditure Trends (1996–2016)" in Library Management. This paper explores trends over time in library staffing and staffing expenditures among two- and four-year colleges and universities in the United States, based on data from the National...
Steve Rowland (Geoscience) recently published "Early Adaptation to Eolian Sand Dunes by Basal Amniotes is Documented in Two Pennsylvanian Grand Canyon Trackways" in PLOS One. The study confirmed the oldest vertebrate tracks in the Grand Canyon. The two sets of fossilized tracks are approximately 313 million years old and are lying in view on the...