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UNLV Research

From heavenly bodies to the human body, our faculty and students are making new discoveries, solving critical problems, and finding ways to help us better understand ourselves and the world around us.

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Faculty Researchers

Seeking external research funding? Have questions about a research protocol? Looking to collaborate with campus peers or private-sector partners? UNLV’s Division of Research and Economic Development is here to help.

Student Researchers

It’s never too early to launch your research career at UNLV. From robotics to genetics and more, our campus provides a wealth of research opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students alike.

Community Partners

Working with public and private entities fuels research opportunities, generates revenue, creates jobs, diversifies our economy, and drives innovation forward. We welcome you to join us in these efforts.

"Being a part of space exploration in particular is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. There are so many questions about our universe that we still have to answer, and I believe scientists are acting as pioneers for our survival. I feel, in a way, that I’m contributing to that goal of helping our species survive."

Amber Turner, first-generation UNLV geology major and NASA intern

Our Research Experts

Explore UNLV's searchable directory of faculty experts across more than 144 disciplines.

Interdisciplinary Research at UNLV

Innovative solutions can be found when groups of researchers from diverse disciplines and backgrounds approach complex problems together. UNLV fosters interdisciplinary collaborations through thoughtfully designed dedicated facilities, specialized centers and institutes, and other resources it provides.

UNLV Innovation

UNLV Innovation, our award-winning research magazine, informs readers about a wide variety of real-world problems UNLV researchers are studying and solving.

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