Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have suspended our volunteer program. Feel free to submit an application for future consideration. Check back in the fall for updates.


Volunteering at TMC is an extremely rewarding experience. Our volunteers provide crucial support to the mission of Tucson Medical Center and are dedicated to maintaining the hospital’s standard of excellence. Through the generous gift of time, talents and personal interests, our volunteers provide expert support to ensure all patients, families and visitors enjoy a great hospital experience.

With more than 90,000 hours logged in 2018, some 400 active volunteers donated their time to support patients, staff and the community at large. Duties range far and wide – from staffing information desks and checking people in for breast screening to helping older adults navigate Medicare enrollment, making home visits to hospice patients and rounding with their pets.

TMC Auxiliary volunteers work in more than 50 areas of the hospital. From the Auto Shop to the Vascular Lab and just about everywhere in between, Auxilians sport their teal shirts in support of the TMC vision to enhance the life and overall health for the people of Southern Arizona. Additionally the Auxiliary provides annual financial support to TMC, funding needed internal programs and projects.

The college student program provides degree-seeking students currently enrolled at a college or university with an opportunity to work in the hospital environment while helping support the work of TMC’s clinical staff.

TMC Hospice volunteers consistently provide about 10 percent of the care to hospice patients, twice the 5 percent required by Medicare.

TMC for Seniors touches the lives of more than 10,000 older adults each year, providing a variety wellness programming, support groups, socialization activities and information about community resources. We cannot do this without our a cadre of volunteers who facilitate groups, teach classes and assist us in providing the many activities we offer each year. It’s their help that allows TMC for Seniors to provide free programming to all the adults in our community.

TMC Cardiac Rehab Mentors are a committed group of volunteers who use TMC Cardiac Rehab as well as families, friends and health professionals interested in cardiac rehabilitation services. These volunteers, many of them long-time survivors of cardiac disease, serve as ambassadors at community outreach events as well as raise funds to provide equipment, education and scholarships for TMC Cardiac Rehab. Mentors go through the same process as TMC Auxilians to become volunteers.

Teams from Pet Therapy visit more than 20,000 patients each year. That’s a lot of wagging tails and smiling faces.

Currently, TMC is not able to accept volunteers who are high school students, tobacco-users, individuals without a Social Security number, those looking for court-ordered community service hours, or anyone who is not able to commit to at least 100 hours or six months of volunteer work.