Report to Our Community

Some of our best work takes place outside the walls of the hospital. The links below highlight our annual Report to Our Community. From 2010 on, the report also includes the TMC Foundation's annual On Center magazine.

As a nonprofit community hospital, our first priority is to provide the very best care to our patients regardless of their ability to pay. We do this as part of our mission to serve the most vulnerable in the community. We also take great pride in the work we do outside the walls of the hospital, from countless screenings, health fairs, educational sessions, bike-helmet fittings and more.

We hold ourselves accountable to you, our community, by issuing an annual report of our community benefit activities.

View current and prior TMC Report to Our Community / TMC Foundation On Center

2019 Report (published in 2020)
2018 Report (published in 2019)
2017 Report (pubilshed in 2018)
2016 Report (published in 2017)  
 2015 Report (published in 2016)
2014 Report (published in 2015)
2013 Report (published in 2014)
2012 Report (published in 2013)
2011 Report (published in 2012)
2010 Report (published in 2011)
2009 Report (published in 2010)
2008 Report (published in 2009)
2007 Report (published in 2008)