Community Benefit

Tucson Medical Center was founded in 1943 by community leaders to address a local need for more hospital beds. Since its founding, our misssion has always been focused on the health and well-being of the people in the entire region, and we take this mission seriously.

Report to Our Community

Tucson Medical Center has been committed to and invested in Tucson for more than seven decades-from the nurses to the groundskeepers to the chief administrators--all were clearly focused on supporting this community. Their collective work created the largest hospital in Southern Arizona, a legacy of community-based programs to promote health, wellness, education, medical care services and countless other initiatives sparked by the idea that we could do better, we could be stronger. Read more in our annual Report to Our Community to better understand how Tucson Medical Center is dedicated to the people of Southern Arizona.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Tucson Medical Center joined forces with Tucson’s neighboring hospitals, as well as the Pima County Health Department and other community stakeholders on the Pima County Community Health Needs AssessmentThis unique collaboration will help guide each nonprofit hospital system in developing individual implementation plans..