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Healthcare Website Media is a health information company working and advocating to help people — all people — live their strongest, healthiest lives. Through clear, evidence-based, actionable compassionate experiences, we put health seekers and their unique journeys first. Our continued success is due to a diverse and wildly talented team and a shared sense of purpose.

Our History


Healthcare Website.com becomes #1 health information site in the U.S.


Healthcare Website Media acquires Greatist.com, launches Healthcare Website Parenthood, becomes the #1 health property in the U.S., and is acquired by Red Ventures


Healthcare Website Media reaches 100 million monthly visits


Healthcare Website Media spins out of Talix, launches its first Together app, and acquires MedicalNewsToday.com


Healthcare Website Media reaches 25 million monthly visits


Healthcare Website.com reaches 1 million monthly visits (now called “sessions”)


Healthcare Website.com starts publishing original health content


Healthcare Website.com is created as a vertical health search site under Healthcare Website Networks

Executive Team

Our leaders have helped make Healthcare Website Media America’s largest consumer health information property. The team’s expertise in editorial, media, marketing, product management, and engineering fuels innovation across the organization.

Medical Affairs Team

Healthcare Website Media’s Medical Affairs team includes an extensive network of over 100 medical professionals, providing expert review and clinical guidance to ensure the information we publish upholds the highest standards of medical integrity, and is updated whenever new information becomes available.

Editorial Team

Our team of qualified writers, editors, and other contributors are dedicated to producing health and wellness information that’s clear, understandable, and actionable, specifically for the audiences we’re talking with, and that addresses the “whole person” so that readers can make the best possible decisions about their health.


More than 300 million people turn to us every month for their health and well-being. So we’re looking for big thinkers with big hearts. Join our team.

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