California is one of a number of states that is seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases. The question a lot of people are asking is why? John is talking to Dr. Hahn Le, to try to answer that question..

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Question of the DayWhat did you "let go" since the pandemic started?...(wait til you see the end of this clip)
New Paint Colors for 2021Behr Paints gives us a sneak peek as to what paint colors will be trending for 2021
Food Dude Catering Making Meals for EvacueesA local caterer took it upon himself to feed local evacuees and other restaurants joined in to help. See what people are doing to help those in need.
Trivia ToastCourtney continues her theme of "Nicknames" or "Motto's" with today's Trivia Toast. Do you know your trivia?
Love Island Season PremiereArielle Vandenberg joins us on Good Day and talks about tonight's season premiere of "Love Island" on CBS
Good Day RewindSee's today's hijinx..THIS is something you DON'T want to miss
Scott's Seafood is Open!Lori Wallace is at Scott's Seafood in Folsom for their outside dining cuisine!
WIKI Who??John Dabkovich tests your Wiki knowledge. His subjects are: Tom Hanks, Tom Brady, and Tom Cruise. See if you know your WIKI "Tom's" facts.
M.A.D.D. Teaming Up with the CHPMothers Against Drunk Driving is partnering up with local CHP officers to conduct DUI check points this weekend.
Someone Needs a Haircut...Part 2...So the top of the last hour, director Jonathan Meris showed the guys in the studio how bad he needs a haircut. Now, he's back in the booth to direct the 9:00 hour and we go a little more "in depth." It's just as funny...
Teen's Tune - 8/25Since everyone is showing us their pets today, Tina says today's Teen's Tune theme is "Songs for your Pets." We don't get it, just go with it. John, Court, Julissa and Producer Carmen play along!
Learning Curve - Hola, Amigo!With school happening at home, many parents are looking for all the help they can get. How about teaching your kids Spanish, with the help of a subscription box! Julissa is checking out Hola, Amigo! in this hour's Learning Curve!
J Wild's Livery and Feed - FolsomA full bar, "Wild Mac" and...hold up! Fried ribs? J Wild's Livery and Feed is named after the ACTUAL stable that occupied that building in the early 1900's, and Lori Wallace is there with Executive Chef Jeff Mitchell checking out the smoker, the bar and the kitchen where all that goodness is made!
Essential Services During Fire SeasonThe fires the last few weeks have shown how essential emergency services are to our area. Roberto Padilla from Sacramento Area Firefighters Local 522 joins Dina Kupfer to talk about fire services, and how the public can work with emergency services to be "eyes and ears" in your area.
Modesto Symphony Orchestra Virtual ConcertLive concerts still aren't possible yet, but the Modesto Symphony Orchestra is bringing you the next best thing! Ryan Murray joins Court to talk about the YouTube concert the Orchestra is doing on Wednesday August 26th.
Flair Boutique in StocktonStockton's Flair Boutique has been bringing fabulous women's fashion to Stockton for over 30 years! Starr Donati joins Court and Julissa to talk about her business and show us around!
Instacart TrendsIf you're not familiar with Instacart, they offer same-day grocery delivery service! Laurentia Romaniuk is an Instacart trend expert and she joins Tina to talk about what people in the Sacramento area are buying right now.
Someone Needs a Haircut....Director Jonathan Meris finished directing the 7:00 hour, then came in the studio to talk to Tina during the commercial break. Then he took his hat off...and then THIS happened.
Tails of SacramentoLori is with a local photographer who's featuring local pups in her newest coffee table book.
Pod UpHere's a new app to help ease the stress of distance learning
Hollywood Headlines - 8/25A new Madagascar movie, Netflix is giving us more Cobra Kai, and John Oliver and Newbury, Connecticut are feuding? Okay...that's today's Hollywood Headlines.
5am Club Member of the DaySee who's the 5am Club Member of the Day!
5am ClubSee who's part of the 5am Club today!
Show and Tell - 8/25Tina has today's Show and Tell, a viewer sent in some portraits of the Good Day Players! They are impressive!

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