Our Diabetes Online Community (aka #DOC) is an ever-evolving space on the Internet, and since it's early days there has been a constant ebb and flow of new information sites, blogs and forums that offer different things for different people living with diabetes.

You Are Not Alone. Here's proof, in blogroll-style. These are sites and blogs that have caught our eye over the years, from those many years ago when the 'Mine began in 2005 to the most current ones on our radar. Please let us know of others not listed, or if any of the below-mentioned sites are no longer working (we do our best to keep this list updated, but it's tough; and so we keep inactive/non-current sites listed as long as they still direct to the old blog content).

This isour story. Each day, new chapters with more stories are written. It continues on and you're all a part of it. Thank you for everything you write, advocate, and do overall to share parts of your life with diabetes. The DOC wouldn't be the same without you.

Created by Mike Durbin at MyDiabeticHeart.com


D-Community Links

    Diabetes Orgs / Healthcare Professionals

    Diabetes News and Publications


    Diabetes on Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube

    As the DOC evolves and brings in more people, many other social media channels have sprouted up over the years. We have taken note of the many new D-Community folk in newer platforms like Instagram, Tumbler and YouTube.

    Places for Teens / Young Adults with Diabetes

    Gluten-Free Friends

    E-Patient Bloggers  

    Parent D-Bloggers

    Other Places to Donate

    The Medblogs  

    Type 1 Diabetes Blogs

    Type 2 Diabetes Blogs 

    Diabetes Podcasts

    Please share any other diabetes blogs or sites that aren't listed above, and let us know of any mentioned that are no longer working. You can reach us directly by email at info [at] diabetesmine [dot] com.

    We're all a part of this DOC, and together we make it great.

    Thank you for being part of it!