Do you have questions about navigating life with diabetes? Then you came to the right place.

Here at DiabetesMine, we’ve been running a weekly diabetes advice column called Ask D'Mine every Saturday since the start of 2011. We’ve literally addressed hundreds of questions – from understanding different types of insulin, to drinking alcohol with diabetes, to birth control, to dealing with holiday dinners when your blood sugar (and your nosey relatives) and not playing nice.

… and so many more topics…

Our weekly Q&A is hosted by Wil Dubois, who has lived with 1 diabetes himself for decades and is a diabetes author and former clinical diabetes specialist in New Mexico. His answers are always informative and fun to read – even when addressing carbohydrate counting, diabetes foot care, or even seizures. Wil always has great insights!

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Real-World Diabetes Advice to Explore


Some Riddles About Life with Diabetes

Ask D:Mine: And the 'Worst' Type of Diabetes Is... - Which 'brand' of diabetes -- type 1 or type 2 -- has the most serious complications?


Ask D'Mine: Test Strips Redux, with a Little Mad ScienceIs there any way to re-use those expensive blood glucose test strips?  


Ask D'Mine: On Donating Blood or Organs with DiabetesCan people with diabetes give blood, or donate their organs to science?


Ask D'Mine: Does Diabetes Make Me Fart? - “Momma, is it your diabetes that makes you fart so much?”


Ask D'Mine: Skin Bolus (?) and Wrist CuffsCan insulin be absorbed though the skin? And are wrist-style blood pressure cuffs bad for people with diabetes?

Ask D'Mine: Type 1 Kids and Birthday Parties, How Glucagon WorksHow do you deal with T1D kids who can’t eat sugary goodies or cake at parties? And how long does it take for emergency glucagon to work? 


Diabetes Diet and Weight Questions

Ask D'Mine: How Low-Carb is Low Enough?Is Dr. Bernstein’s “no- carbohydrate” lifestyle the only option for good blood sugar control with diabetes?

Ask D'Mine: Losing and Gaining Weight and Thryroid QuestionsWhat can you eat with hypothyroidism, Celiac and diabetes?

Sex, Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking with Diabetes

D-Teens and Alcohol: No Bull from Uncle WilA treatise on safe drinking for teens with diabetes (must-read!)

Ask D'Mine: Methabetic Dangers - What does taking meth impact a diabetic?

Ask D'Mine: Smokin' Cigars with Diabetes - Do cigars make your blood sugar go up?


Ask D'Mine: On STDs, and Catching Diabetes from Sex?Are people with diabetes more or less likely than "normal" people to get sexually transmitted diseases?


Ask D'Mine: The Best Birth Control with Diabetes Is… - What’s the best birth control method for Females With Diabetes (FWDs)?


Questions About Insulin

Ask D'Mine: Missing in ActionWhat can PWDs (people with diabetes) do if and when we miss a dose of insulin?

Ask D'Mine: Forgot My Insulin... and I'm on Vacation! – “I’m on vacation and forgot my Lantus. How long can I go without it?”

Ask D'Mine: Revisiting the Missed Insulin Shot QuestionIf I forget to take my shot before dinner what should I do?


Ask D'Mine: Insulin on the Rocks - How cold can insulin get and still be "OK"?

Ask D'Mine: Musical Carb Ratios, and When the Honeymoon Ends... – What causes my insulin-to-carb ratio to change, and is it normal to change so much? 


Ask D'Mine: Discovering Your Active Insulin TimeHow do you figure out your “active insulin time” for programming your insulin pump?


Ask D'Mine: New Basal Insulin Toujeo, New Dosing MathHow do you set doses for the new ‘concentrated’ basal insulin Toujeo?

Ask D'Mine: Our Lifespan Sans Insulin?How long can a type 1 diabetic survive without any insulin?

Ask D’Mine: A Killing Dose of Insulin - How big on an insulin dose would it take to commit suicide?

On Choosing Diabetes Medications

Ask D'Mine: Managing Blood Sugars on Steroids, Considering Whether to Stick with Your Meds - Any suggestions for handling blood sugars while on (sugar-raising) steroid medications?

Ask D'Mine: Insulin Alternatives for Type 2 DiabetesWhat kind of oral medications can be taken for T2 diabetes?

Ask D'Mine: Quitting Victoza, Pregnancy Insulin(s)?What to do when Victoza stops working? And which insulins can be used safely during pregnancy?


Ask D'Mine: To Throw Up or Not To Throw Up, That is the QuestionShould you take meds to stop vomiting when you have the flu with diabetes?


Questions on Diabetes Complications

Ask D'Mine: Do Lows Cause Brain Damage, Does Diabetes Cause Cramps?Are there any studies on long-term damage due to prolonged low blood sugar?

Ask D'Mine: When Neuropathy Can KillCan a diabetes complication called autonomic neuropathy kill you?

Ask D'Mine: All About Seizures, and Cold Funky FeetDoes diabetes cause seizures? And what can be done about toenail fungus?


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