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Across Centura Health, our hospitals, Emergency Departments, Urgent Care centers and clinics are prepared to care for you upon your arrival. We adhere to best-practice clinical care protocols and safety measures, and our hospitals and clinics are staffed and ready to provide you with immediate care. Please do not delay seeking important or life-saving care because of the coronavirus. 

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Where Care Comes From

At only eight years old, Brenda faced a life altering event when her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and passed away a year later. This deeply impactful experience led to her decision to provide compassionate support for others faced with a cancer diagnosis.

We are all connected by our shared desire to make a difference – and that is what Brenda does today.
- Brenda Biggerstaff, Oncology Program Manager

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Giving Back

Helping others is at the heart of what we do at Centura Health. Over the last century, giving back is both a privilege and a perpetuation of the good we see all around us.

Colorado EOLOA

Understanding Centura Health’s position on Colorado End-Of-Life Options Act.

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As you navigate levels of care and make the best decisions for your needs, we believe in providing you access to meaningful and reliable information about the quality and price of services across our system.