About the Women's Mental Health SIG

The Women’s Mental Health SIG was launched in December 2017 and creates a place for clinicians and researchers to discuss, debate, and address issues relevant to the understanding and treatment of women suffering from anxiety and depression and related disorders. The SIG develops specific education presentations at the ADAA annual conference, such as workshops, roundtables, and poster sessions to increase the understanding and overall awareness of how the treatment of women suffering from anxiety and depression may be different than others in the population. The SIG will also create a series of women-focused webinars and blog posts. In addition, the SIG will help educate the public about mental health treatment options for women to help decrease the stigma of mental illness.

This new SIG allows ADAA to focus on women’s mental health issues through Conference sessions and ongoing professional education webinars throughout the year. The webinars will be accompanied by blog posts for the professional and public communities.

The SIG will also encourage young researchers to become involved in evidence-based gender research and treatment options for women. 

The Women’s Mental Health SIG Conference Program met at the #ADAA2018 Conference and held a panel discussion on addressing culture and treatment with women of diverse cultural backgrounds. 

If you’re interested in joining this SIG, please login to your member account and choose Groups from the green menu bar at the top of your screen or contact Vickie Spielman, ADAA Associate Director, Membership and Marketing.

Please view the ADAA SIG Guidelines for responsibilities and expectations. 

SIG Chair

  • Karen Martinez, MD, MSc

SIG Vice Chairs

  • Katherine Harris, PhD
  • Sohye Kim, PhD

Board Liason:

  • Sheila Rauch, PhD, ABPP, Emory University School of Medicine 

2019-2020 Annual Report

2019 Accomplishments

Goals for 2020

  • Online peer consultations will begin in February
  • Will monitor 2020 conference topics on women’s issues
  • Possible Public Education Committee webinars/blogs
    • Menstruation cycle related OCD
    • Postpartum psychiatric symptoms interference with role as a mother
  • Revamping the Girls and Women content on the ADAA website to ensure it is updated and resourceful
  • SIG-related submissions for the 2021 conference
  • Work with the Membership Committee’s pilot mentoring program for early career professionals or new ADAA members with an interest in women’s mental health