The Professional Education Committee promotes the investigation and implementation of empirically supported treatments and best practices across disciplines and career levels through the development of a cohesive ADAA professional education program for multi-multidisciplinary professionals. The Professional Education Committee (PrEC) is charged with oversight of all ADAA professional education offerings including ADAA webinars. The Committee also oversees the Clinical Fellows program which offers participants an exclusive learning opportunity to further their clinical training in anxiety, depression, and related disorders by participating in ADAA’s continuing education opportunities with the goal of providing quality patient care. Members and nonmembers are encouraged to submit webinar proposals. For more information contact ADAA's Deputy Executive Director Lise Bram.

Professional Education Committee Chair

Jamie Micco, PhD, ABPP

Professional Education Committee Vice Chairs

Liza Bonin, PhD
Texas Children's Hospital

Nina Rifkind, LCSW, ACS
Wellspring Counseling

Board Liaison

Risa Weisberg, PhD – Board Liaison

Committee Members

Noah Clyman, LCSW-R ACT, NYC Cognitive Therapy
Joan Davidson, PhD, San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy
Lauren Edwards, MD, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Cordelia Grimes, LCSW, Light on Anxiety CBT Center of Chicago
Sarah Garnaat, PhD, Alpert Medical School of Brown University/Butler Hospital
Jerry Halverson, MD, Rogers Behavioral Health
Melissa Hunt, PhD, University of Pennyslvania
Barbara Kamholz, PhD, ABPP, VA Boston Healthcare System
Sohye, Kim, PhD, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Dean McKay, PhD, Fordham University
Fugen Neziroglu, PhD, BioBehavioral Institute
Lynne Siqueland, PhD, Children's and Adult Center for OCD & Anxiety
Evelyn Stewart, MD, University of British Columbia, Pediatric OCD
Justin Weeks, PhD, Nebraska Medicine, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Read the ADAA Committee Guidelines.

2019-2020 Report

Prepared by: Jamie Micco (Chair)

The Professional Education Committee (PrEC) produces webinars on a wide range of topics within the domains of anxiety, depression, and related disorders. The PrEC also oversees the Clinical Fellows program and collaborates with the Conference Committee to provide input on annual conference programming.

The PrEC currently has 17 active members (including 3 MDs, 3 LCSWs, and 11 PhDs), in addition to Barbara Kamholz (Senior Advisor for Professional Education) and Risa Weisberg (Board Liaison). 

The PrEC presented 13 webinars in 2019, including the inaugural Fall Forum. Topics varied widely across the domain of anxiety and depression. 

Webinars with the highest enrollment included:
1)    How to Manage Family Accommodation in Child Anxiety and OCD: An Interview with Dr. Eli Lebowitz (168 registrants)  
2)    An Old Approach with a New Twist: Applications of Inhibitory Learning in Exposure Therapy (103 registrants) 
3)    Complicated Grief and Its Treatment (103 registrants)  

The first Fall Forum was a special three-hour webinar (“Spotlight on Maternal Mental Health: Treatment and Research”), which attracted 56 total registrants. 

Our plans for 2020 include:

  • Fall Forum 2020, which will focus on Anxiety and Worry in Youth, including its intersection with technology. The format will change slightly (2 presentations- one individual and one joint presentation). We have formed a subcommittee to work on recruiting speakers and producing this event.
  • Webinars:
    • We plan to produce two webinars per month during the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons
    • We will recruit presenters to pre-record webinars over the summer months so as to have a range of webinars “ready to go” in the fall 
  • Marketing our professional education offerings beyond current ADAA members. For instance, we are looking at cost-effective advertising within other organizations (e.g., National Association of Social Workers).

If you are interested in learning more about this committee and how you can be involved, please contact Susan Gurley, ADAA Executive Director.