The membership committee builds and promotes ADAA membership and works to increase retention of current members. The committee creates new recruitment materials and outreach plans to promote the value of ADAA membership and works to encourage a diverse membership. Committee members participate in conference activities and cultivate member engagement throughout the year. The committee embraces new members with creative ideas - please join us in building ADAA membership.

Membership Committee Chair

Brian Schmaus, PhD
Anxiety Treatment Center of Greater Chicago

Membership Committee Members

Kristy Allen, PhD
Nicholas Carleton, PhD
Kathleen Delaney, PhD PMH-NP
Heather Greenawalt, LCSW-R
Johanna Kaplan, PhD
Stephanie Woodrow, LCPC NCC

Annual Report - 2019

The membership committee has 7 current members and we have actively been working on increasing our membership.  We aim for a balance of researchers and clinicians.  

One of our main accomplishments this year has been our efforts to become active on Social Link.  We also send personalized e-mails to all new members.  Membership Committee members make an active effort to talk with first time attendees during the conference every year.  Our new member breakfast in 2019 was very well attended.  

One of main goals for 2020 is to create a mentorship program.  This has been an ongoing effort for over a year involving coordination with other committees for guidance.  

Read the ADAA Committee Guidelines.

Interested in joining the ADAA Membership Committee? Please email Brian or Vickie Spielman, ADAA Associate Director, Membership and Marketing.