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#ADAA2019 Scientific Research Symposium

New Developments in Stress and Inflammation
Friday, March 29, 2019 - 8:30 am to 11:30 am

The 22nd Scientific Research Symposium (SRS) will be held at ADAA's 2019 annual conference in Chicago, IL. The SRS is ADAA’s premier research session and we expect approximately 100 attendees. This year’s theme is on New Developments in Stress and Inflammation with a focus on inflammatory processes in stress, anxiety, and depression.  The symposium will be structured into four brief talks that span from basic to applied. The SRS committee (Drs. Mennin, Meuret, Simon, and Paulus), in collaboration with conference chair Ned Kalin, were fortunate to assemble a panel of international leaders in the field of stress and inflammatory research. Dr. Meuret and Dr. Simon will serve as co-chairs and moderate the session, leaving time for scientific questions and dialogue amongst the participants and the session's invited speakers. ADAA's annual conference typically attracts approximately 1,400 attendees including basic and clinical researchers, clinicians, trainees, postdocs, residents and students, with a majority actively involved in research.

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